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Airwash MULTIPRO Air Scrubber

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As the term indicates "air scrubbers" clean very dirty air in spaces that have either become compromised quickly from a mishap or where processes are taking place that create heavy indoor pollution (like smoke). The Airwash Multipro Air Scrubber is easy to use and customize for particular conditions. Amaircare, made in Canada, has been supplying industrial air cleaners for over two decades. The price includes the Perfect Seal HEPA cartridge, Media Pad Pre-filter and Pleated MERV 8 pre-filter. Additional filters are available.

With tool-less access, quick release latches and fast on site filter changes, this easy to carry industrial air scrubber cleans very dirty air rapidly.  Multi-functional, the Airwash Multipro Air Scrubber from Amaircare, handles particulate down to 0.3 microns and VOC's from a room up to 1400 square feet three times per hour. For larger spaces, up to three units can be daisy-chained together. The price includes the Perfect Seal HEPA cartridge, Media Pad Pre-filter and Pleated MERV 8 pre-filter (*links to replacement filters listed under "Replacements" below). The HEPA cartridge is a perfect seal because it is twisted. An interlocking cabinet provides safe stacking for transport. Casing is made of tough molded nylon.This unit is can be ducted for positive or negative air usage and has variable speeds between 250-800 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The HEPA cartridge removes particulate down to 0.3 microns. Up to three pre-filters can be added to the system to prolong the HEPA life. Plus two VOC options are available for removing odors and chemicals: a 5 pound inner canister for the HEPA cartridge or a 25 pound activated carbon canister for heavy fumes. Made in Canada but ships from the U.S with a one year warranty. The cylindrical design of the HEPA filtration provides more even particulate loading and greater coverage with a larger surface area than an average 16x16 filter.  This unit is 110 volt.  220 volt units are available in quantities of 50 or more - call for pricing. 


Additional Foam Pre-filter - Item 8082 (Mfg # 91-A-1407-ET)

Inner Carbon Blanket  for light odors -  Item 8083 (Mfg # 92-A-1401-ET)                        

V.O.C Canister with 5 pounds activated carbon  - Item 8084 (Mfg # 94-A-1402-ET)            

Ultra V.O.C Canister 25 pounds activated carbon - Item 8085 (Mfg # 94-A-1402-UL)

* Replacements for items the unit comes with

Perfect Seal HEPA Cartridge - Item 8081 (Mfg # 90A-14ME-ET)

Media Pad Pre-filter - Item 8086 (Mfg # AFC1000726)  

Pleated Pre-filter, MERV 8 - Item 8087 (Mfg # AFC1057554)


 Room Size: 1400 square feet based on 9 foot ceiling
Weight: 42 pounds with included HEPA cartridge
Dimensions: 19" W x 20" H x 32" long
Airflow: 250 to 800 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Variable Speed Control: 3050 RPM max
Power Supply: 115 vac/1 ph./60 Hz.
Operating Current: 2.6 amps
Daisy Chain: Up to three units on a 9 amp circuit
Inlet/Outlet Connection: 12" diameter collar
Stackable: Up to three units
Standards: CAN/CSA 2 No. 113-15 (10th Ed.), UL 507 (9th Ed.)