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 CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has the following statement on their Covid-19 guidelines page: 

Optimize the Use of Engineering Controls and Indoor Air Quality

  • Explore options to improve indoor air quality in all shared spaces.
    • Consider the addition of portable solutions (e.g., portable HEPA filtration units) to augment air quality in areas when permanent air-handling systems are not a feasible option.
    • Optimize air-handling systems (ensuring appropriate directionality, filtration, exchange rate, proper installation, and up to date maintenance).

Note from ClearFlite re the above CDC statement:

Offices, homes, hospitals and public buildings may receive filter changes in the air handlers, but the handlers are rarely checked to make sure the air change rate meets the building code requirements. With a portable air purifier, the operator can ensure that the air in a room is being filtered as it should be for ultimate safety.

Aeris Aair CoronavirusTesting: 

Aeris air purifiers have been shown to remove 94% of captured coronaviruses within 2 hours and to filter particle like viruses at 0.1 micron with 99.95% efficiency. ISO 18184 test conducted by the Microbiological Solutions Limited lab.

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