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ClearFlite Inc has been selling portable room air purifiers to federal agencies since 2001. Our quality air purifiers remove airborne toxins in a wide variety of conditions both in the USA and abroad. These brands have been our most popular and are listed on GSA Advantage (except Amaircare).



Maximum  Room Size Square Feet

Micron Particle Removed

220 volt  available

Removes gases,fumes, chemicals and VOC's including formaldehyde

Removes biological contaminants including bacteria, mold spores, viruses

IQAir GCMultiGas 

   975  0.3 No Yes Yes
IQAir HealthPro + 900  0.003 No Some Yes
IQAir HealthPro 945 0.003  No No Yes
IQAir GC VOC 975 0.3 No Yes Yes

Austin Air HM450

1500 0.3 Yes Yes Yes

Austin Air HM400

1500 0.3 Yes Some Yes

Austin Air HM250

700 0.3 Yes Yes Yes

Austin Air HM200

700 0.3 Yes Some Yes

Amaircare Airwash Multipro Air Scrubber

1400 0.3 Qty 50+ Some Yes