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Austin Air HM200 Main Filter

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The main filter for the HM200 air purifier is an integrated system incorporating a True Medical Grade HEPA filter along with six pounds of activated carbon and zeolite. This is a hefty filter which can remove both particulate and odors for up to five years depending on the amount of pollution in the air.  The main filter includes a pre-filter so there is no need to order both when you need a main filter.  A new air purifier comes with the filters. These are replacements.  (For heavier odors, select an HM250 filter. The HM200 main filter and the HM250 main filter are interchangeable in an air purifier.  If you order an HM200 air purifier and want to increase its ability to remove odors and chemicals, you can replace the HM200 filter with an HM250 filter.)

The HM200 main filter is ClearFlite Part No. 8012. Austin Air Model FR200B

This main filter works in both 110volt and 220volt units