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Aeris Aair 3-In-1 Pro Air Purifier

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Aeris Aair 3-In-1 Pro Air Purifier is ideal for protection from urban pollution especially for those with allergies or asthma, or those working in offices.  In addition to fine particulate (capturing 99.95% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns), it removes bacteria, mold, many VOC's, body odors like sweat, cooking odors, pet dander and much more. It has Swiss engineered AllrounderHEPA© filtration and proprietary IAQ sensor technology. Designed for optimal air circulation, the 3-In-1 has a vertical intake and outflow design that is the most effective way to clean a large room. Smart sensors monitor air quality and room conditions and adjust the air purifier accordingly. It is WiFi enabled with an app that allows you to control the purifier with your phone. 

The filter in the 3-In-1 can be switched to either a Gas Pro filter or the Medical Pro filter, if the purpose for the air purifier changes.

GSA Advantage Listing for color WHITE (ClearFlite Inc Part # 9058)

GSA Advantage Listing for color GRAPHITE (ClearFlite Inc Part # 9059)

GSA Advantage Listing for color PEACH (ClearFlite Inc Part # 9060)

(Gov Discount applies for federal and state agencies. For volume orders contact us.)

(Available to U.S. Government for use overseas in 220volt - contact us for pricing and availability.)


 Room Size: 4 air changes per hour 605 sq. ft., 2 air changes per hour 1513 sq. ft

Connectivity: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Aeris app on iOS and Android

Fine Particulate CADR (clean air delivery rate): Pollen 600, Dust 600, Smoke 600

Fan: 6 speeds, up to 355 CFM (cubic feet per minute) 

Sound level: 35 to 67 decibels

 Filters: Integrated filter composed of H12 HEPA, F7 Pre-filter with zeolite, activated carbon 1.54 lbs and activated alumina 10.58 oz

Filter life: 6 months or more depending on usage

Particle measurement sensor: Yes. PM2.5 Aeris Asense

Dimensions: 23.6 inches high, 14.6 inches wide, 15.2 inches deep

Weight: 35 pounds

Power: Low energy 35 - 255 watts

 Voltage/Frequency: 110v , 220v units available on special order

Colors: White, Peach, Graphite

Warranty: Two years