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Austin Air HM400 Air Purifier (220volt)

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GSA Advantage Listing - ClearFlite Part Number 8001

ClearFlite ships Austin Air products in 220 volt units worldwide to U.S. federal agencies. We do not ship 220volt units to consumers outside the U.S.  When the order is placed, ClearFlite will contact you to determine the type of plug that will work best for your region.  220 volt units usually require one to two extra weeks to ship depending on the quantity ordered.

 The Austin Air HealthMate HM400 are great all purpose air purifiers that use HEPA filtration with 15 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite to filter both allergens and odors.  Austin products are designated as Medical Grade air purifiers. The HM400 is the flagship of the product line. It's great for conference rooms and larger areas. Casters are a standard for easy positioning where you want clean air. All four sides are the intake. Clean air exhausts out one side.  On the high speed it can clean up to 1500 square feet. Most users run it on medium or low 24/7 and turn it on high when they are out of the room.

(The HM450 version adds potassium to adsorb chemicals for those with significant odor problems or chemical sensitivity, even formaldehyde.) The HM400 and HM450 models look the same on the outside.

 This unit is 220volt.

 Room Size:1500 sq. feet
Construction: All steel with baked-on powder
Flow on High: Fan rated at 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Fan Speeds: 3
Filters: HEPA, 15 pounds activated carbon and zeolite, pre-filter
Height: 23 inches
Width:14.5 inches
Depth:14.5 inches
Weight:45 pounds

Power on High:145 watts

Pre-filter: the cotton pre-filter should be changed once a year, it can be washed
Main filter: the integrated HEPA and carbon blend main filter can last up to five years depending on the level of pollution it is removing.