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Austin Air Multi Purpose Air Purifiers

 Made in USA & Available in 220v *

Austin Air units have all steel construction with baked on powder coat finish. They are tough and need virtually no maintenance. A pre-filter removes large particulate and an integrated HEPA/activated carbon-zeolite filter removes particles down to 0.3 microns as well as gases and odors. Austin Air models have 3 speeds and no fancy features which make them very dependable. The main HEPA/carbon filter can last for up to five years depending on what it's filtering. They remove dust, dust mites, pollens, mold spores, pet dander, smoke particles, and odors.
All Austin Air models that ClearFlite offers are available in 220volt and are customized with the proper plug for the country in which the units will be used.  (Call or email for quantity pricing. Sold to US government customers only).
The HM400 removes particles and odors, but the Plus model (HM450) does a significantly better job removing odors, even formaldehyde. Austin no longer makes the small HM200 and HM250.
*For federal agencies only. Not available to the public.